Saturday, August 8, 2009



You touched my life
with a softness in the night
my wish was your command
until you ran
out of love
I tell my self I'm free
got the change of living just for me
no need to hurry home
now that you're gone

cuts like a knife
how will I ever heal
I'm so deeply wounded

cuts like a knife
you cut away the heart of my life

When I pretend when I smile
to fool my dearest friends
I wonder if they know
it's just a show
I'm on a stage day or night
through my charades
but how can I disguise
what's in my eyes
(Repeat CHORUS)

Oh oh oh oh oh ...

I try and try locking up
the pain I feel inside
the pain of wanting you
wanting you
(Repeat CHORUS


POSH76 said...

beb lama tak update...apa lagu nostalgia nie...lagu nila laki aku selalu nyanyi utk aku masa bercinta dulu...hehe

sedap oo lagu ni...hehe

E-RA said...

Dalam idup ni kdg2 kita xmampu nk berpura2 menutup ape yg terjadi... berdiam adalah terbaik utk meredakan hati....

missed blogging so much tp aku btol2 xada mood...

abgBro said...

berdiam adalah terbaik utk meredakan hati...dan redho :)

E-RA said...

abgbro : redho kah aku? hanya tuhan yg tau...